Getting things started...

This little blog is an unofficial support site for a pack of playing cards called The Tarot of Loka, which is published by a UK games design company called River Horse. You can read more about it in the Introduction page.

The project is really an off shoot of another, larger project, also relating the games of tarot. I've put that on hold to focus on this, as I'm a little late to the game, as it were, having only discovered these cards nearly a year after their publication!

Before turning to the games, I really do recommend that you first buy a pack of Loca tarot cards (available on Amazon in both the UK for about £10, and the US for about $20), and then read the introduction material here. I'm posting the games with backdated publication dates so that they read in the order I would recommend you try them with all blog (as opposed to game) posts appearing as you would expect.

I have only made a start and I plan to add plenty more but for now, there should be enough to keep you occupied until I can find a little more time to work on this.

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